We help with anxiety.

From home.

we help with anxiety.

from home.

what is heaal

heaal offers a clinically proven online counseling program specializing in anxiety treatment. We are the first entirely online anxiety treatment program that is backed by science to have long lasting outcomes.


your virtual sessions may take place from your smartphone or laptop


without having to walk into an office, heaal offers a more private way to heal


heaal’s virtual sessions may be covered by your insurance

online anxiety counseling

Our licensed professional counselors offer evidence based therapy for anxiety. Everyone is different, which is why we tailor the program to your individual needs.

from anywhere

heaal’s premium online counseling allows you to use any computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. This allows for a comfortable and convenient environment to speak with your therapist in a familiar and private setting.

the client journey... steps to heaaling

we have a fast & easy system to get you the help you need fast #nowaitlists


client referral

heaal welcomes referrals from doctors, EAP’s, insurance companies, and self referrals


initial assessment

a video online anxiety test will be scheduled within 48 hours and an anxiety specialist will be matched within 48 hours of the assessment


anxiety program

you will get connected with your individual anxiety counselor and start going through the program


anxiety program continues

clients learn about anxiety, cognitive behavioral therapy and start developing effective coping skills with the support of their anxiety care team


outcome report

clients and clients’ healthcare team receive a full report with outcomes and clinical recommendations

highly rated counselors just a click away

This program will aim to teach you to manage your worry and anxiety by learning to change the way you think and react to your thinking and other events. In essence, you will be learning new methods of control.

now accepting insurance

Telehealth services are now covered by numerous insurance providers. Select commercial plans are offering $0 copays as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. heaal offers these insurance perks through CHIP, WPEE, and the following: